Tape as Art

Tape. What can artists do with tape? Students in the Sculpture 1B class are working with packing tape as their primary material to create forms that reference the body. They are “casting” their body and thinking about how the body occupies space. The essential question for the project is, “How do artists map the space of the body?” Some students are working with the idea of “multiplying” parts of the body, while other students are more intrigued by the idea of constructing a full figure in motion. Students also have been given the opportunity to use The Bay School as their space for installation. Each student has brainstormed the perfect place for their work…some pieces will be hanging from the ceiling, some works will be perched in a corner, and other forms will have the surprise element of being situated in the middle of a floor space. Some artists we have looked at are Yayoi Kusama, Antony Gormely, and Ron Mueck.

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