Good Stewards of Time

By Andy Shaw, Dean of Curriculum and Innovation "We are good stewards of time," was one of Father Malcolm Manson's most oft-used sentences in those early days of The Bay School. Our founding head of school used this sentence to mean that we are intentional about how we use time - the most valuable currency... Continue Reading →

Intersession: Jump into a Cinematic Production!

In this intersession course, students are learning the art of filmmaking through live action and animation. They get to develop the story and choose which style of film they wish to create. Yesterday, they shot the scenes from the script they created on location in Bolinas. During the shoot, actors got firsthand experience with acting... Continue Reading →

Intersession: Adventures in Astronomy and Astrophotography

  It's Intersession week here at The Bay School of San Francisco and our students are out of the classroom for five full days of experiential learning, developing new skills and passions that they will be able to take with them for the rest of their lives! We will keep you up to date with... Continue Reading →

Leadership at Bay: Student Interview Committee

At Bay, we ask students to use their voices to make positive changes within their communities. Many of our academic courses—such as Research in the Community, Climate Change, Artist as Activist to name a few—and projects within classes explicitly ask students to use what they have learned to develop awareness, change behaviors, or even change... Continue Reading →

Every Breath You Take: On Learning and Mindfulness

By Andy Shaw, Academic Dean “‘Mindful approach to learning?’ So what does that mean? You meditate during class?” By now, I’m used to this question, which comes most often from prospective parents or visitors who have closely read our school’s mission. It’s a good question, and one I love to answer. Yes, we meditate at... Continue Reading →

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