Portfolio-Based Assessment

What is it and what role does it play at Bay? Distance learning has opened the door to philosophical conversations at Bay on a range of topics, including effective pedagogy, equity, assessment, and student social-emotional learning. All of our teachers invested time and energy last summer and throughout the fall in exploring these topics. As... Continue Reading →

Distance Learning the Bay Way

When news of the possible impact of COVID-19 surfaced in January, Bay’s Educational Leadership Team (ELT) wasted no time in planning to put an actionable program in place. Early thinking and collaboration allowed the school to confidently transition to distance learning in mid-March while ensuring the continuity of Bay’s progressive educational program and helping to... Continue Reading →

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is in the air which often brings with it a certain sense of renewal and starting over. It feels nice to remember that in these atypical times of sheltering in place and maybe even feeling a little stagnant, that the Earth will continue to turn; and so can we.  For some, spring cleaning often... Continue Reading →

Inspiring a Commitment to Environmental Justice

Many of us find today's COVID-19 face masks a little uncomfortable and annoying, but not Bay Science Teacher Laura Diaz. She welcomes the protection. In fact, she wishes she'd been offered this kind of protection from an equally hazardous community health threat when she was a child. Growing up in Pittsburg, CA, Laura recalls what... Continue Reading →

Honoring Earth Day with a COVID-19 Victory Garden

A half a century ago, a Senator, Representative, and an environmental activist collaborated on a plan to raise awareness about the negative impact industrial development was having on our environment and on human health. The first Earth Day inspired 20 million Americans to take to the streets, parks and auditoriums to demonstrate their concern. Today,... Continue Reading →

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