The Emerging Self: Painting 1a’s Monochromatic Self-Portraits

Before the end of the school year, students in the Painting 1a class completed a monochromatic self-portrait project. Generating a self-portrait is hard work, as the experience connects deeply to one’s identity and how the artists see themselves in the world. To begin, the artists in both sections looked at self-portraits from Andy Warhol, Lucien... Continue Reading →

Self-Portraits and Charcoal: New Projects in the Drawing and Painting Studio

There is a lot happening in the drawing and painting studio this term! Using new materials and techniques, the Drawing 1A and Painting 1A students are getting inspired and creating amazing work. Presently, the Drawing 1A artists are working with all types of charcoal - including vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, charcoal pencil and conte -... Continue Reading →

Aesthetics and Activism: Visiting an Artist’s Studio in Oakland

Last Monday, students in the Artist as Activist class ventured to Oakland to visit with local artist Evan Bissell in his studio. Students were struck by Evan’s work, and especially his public projects, as each piece requires a tremendous amount of research, active collaboration and a balance between aesthetic and activist intentions. “Activist art can... Continue Reading →

Artists as Activists: Two Inspirational Visits

Students in the interdisciplinary Artist as Activist class - co-taught by visual arts and humanities faculty - have been venturing out in the field to learn from other artists who have expressed their visions and belief systems through their art. First stop: Keith Haring: The Political Line at the de Young Museum Keith Haring was an American... Continue Reading →

Creating Spirit Animals: Sculpture 1B’s Design Challenge

The Sculpture 1B artists were given a design challenge: construct his or her spirit animal out of cardboard and transform their person in some way. Students merged math and art by generating paper prototypes that helped them brainstorm the best strategies to design a simple, yet beautiful form. Some students chose to transform their heads,... Continue Reading →

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