Creating Spirit Animals: Sculpture 1B’s Design Challenge

The Sculpture 1B artists were given a design challenge: construct his or her spirit animal out of cardboard and transform their person in some way. Students merged math and art by generating paper prototypes that helped them brainstorm the best strategies to design a simple, yet beautiful form. Some students chose to transform their heads,... Continue Reading →

Tape as Art

Tape. What can artists do with tape? Students in the Sculpture 1B class are working with packing tape as their primary material to create forms that reference the body. They are "casting" their body and thinking about how the body occupies space. The essential question for the project is, "How do artists map the space... Continue Reading →

BUGS! Exhibit in the Glass Gallery

  Currently up in the Glass Gallery space is the BUGS! Exhibit featuring the work of ¬†Sculpture 1A artists. Students looked closely at the way little critters are formed, honing in on the patterns, formations, shapes, and details that nature has provided for them to survive. As students worked on the project, they were asked... Continue Reading →

“It Must Take an Army!” 3D Foundations Visits the Mark di Suvero Sculptures in Crissy Field

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares about a recent field trip. Recently, the 3D Foundations 1A students left The Bay School studio and ventured to Crissy Field to look at the Mark di Suvero installation. "The pieces connect with the Golden Gate Bridge." Observed one student. "How did they get here?" Asked another student. The pieces... Continue Reading →

From Paper to Stingray, Peacock, Sun: Origami with Parent Peter Engel

Peter Engel, father of Gabriel ¬†'16, visited the 3-D Foundations 1A class on Friday, Jan. 10.¬† Peter is able to balance being a professional origami artist (he exhibits all over the country and has published three books focused on origami) along with being a professional architect in Berkeley. Both practices feed one another, and Peter... Continue Reading →

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