Get Cooking!!

As we begin week four of home isolation and social distancing, I am feeling the urge to nurture and care for the people I love through food. I don’t think I’m alone in this; I’m noticing a bunch of recipes being shared by text, online ad-hoc cooking clubs springing up, and my Instagram feed is... Continue Reading →

Good Grief

As COVID-19 surfaced and upended our regular way of life, the Bay School sprung into action to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our whole community. Campus closed, and like schools the world over, Bay forged a new path forward into the unknown territory of Distance Learning. It’s been a challenging and magnificent experience.... Continue Reading →

Cook, Taste, and Learn!

Though often overlooked in the pursuit of new recipes, cooking is chemistry! There’s no way around it. Knowing a little about the chemical reactions that transform basic ingredients into haute cuisine can help make your meals divine. In Chemistry of the Kitchen, students step into a kitchen laboratory to gain hands-on experience of the science... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Life

For some people, writing is a calling, a voice in the soul that demands to sing out. Careful, conscious words have the power to inspire, inform, persuade, entertain, and comfort. Whether you plan to immerse yourself in writing poetry, tease out the novel hiding inside, or simply want to tackle a school essay or a... Continue Reading →

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