Drawing 1A & 1B Visit “Tree Fall” Installation

Arts Instructor Ascha Drake shares about a recent outing to a local installation.

On Nov. 8, the Drawing 1A and Drawing 1B classes ventured to Andy Goldsworthy’s third Presidio installation, “Tree Fall.” It is located in Building 95, just up the hill from The Bay School, and it will be there for an indefinite amount of time. Students were impressed with the process, and intrigued by the idea of transforming a space in such a significant way. The sculpture is comprised of a Eucalyptus tree trunk that was removed as part of the Presidio Parkway project. It has been suspended inside the building with great skill and care. The tree trunk and the entire ceiling have been covered with layers of clay that was mixed with hay and human hair. As this material dried, uniform cracks developed into a beautiful, surprisingly uniform, pattern. As students looked at the work (and sketched the work!) we talked about artists as scientists, collaborators, historians, researchers and transformers of space and material.

Read more about the installation here.