The Halls Are Alive…with the Sound of Jazz

Jazz is alive and well at Bay! Over the last few weeks, Bay has hosted multiple on-campus events showcasing the art form and featuring musicians from across the West Coast. In mid-May, Bay hosted its second annual Jazz Fest, featuring the San Francisco Repertory Jazz Quartet (SFRJQ) and local middle school bands. To start the... Continue Reading →

Self-Portraits and Charcoal: New Projects in the Drawing and Painting Studio

There is a lot happening in the drawing and painting studio this term! Using new materials and techniques, the Drawing 1A and Painting 1A students are getting inspired and creating amazing work. Presently, the Drawing 1A artists are working with all types of charcoal - including vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, charcoal pencil and conte -... Continue Reading →

“The Invisible Yellow Brick Road”: Amalia ‘15’s Cabaret SSP

Why is high school considered such a crucial and defining point in a person’s life? That’s the question that Amalia has been asking – and answering – for her Senior Signature Project. Her query has led her on a musical journey of self-reflection, set to culminate in a one-woman cabaret performance. “I saw many parallels... Continue Reading →

Finding Inspiration: Addi ’15 on Discovering His Passions at Bay

When Addi ’15 transferred to Bay during his 9th-grade year, he wasn’t sure what he’d find at his new school. Now, in the middle of his senior year, the answer has become clear: he’s discovered his passions. From music to cross country, and US History to existentialism, Addi has pursued new subjects and stretched his... Continue Reading →

Intersession Highlights: Exploring Your Creative Side

From photography to music and from video to short stories, this year’s Intersession has a ton of ways to get your “creative” on! Bay students dig deep into their artistic passions during these week-long courses. Check out just a few of the creative courses offered in this year’s catalog.  Appreciation of Animation In this intersession,... Continue Reading →

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