Drawing from Life: Advanced Drawing and Painting in the Studio

The Advanced Drawing and Painting artists are continuing with their weekly life drawing sessions in the art studio. While students worked solely on newsprint for their first sessions, students are now working on different surfaces and with a range of materials, from white china marker to conte crayon to ink. Students are recognizing that this... Continue Reading →

Arts Classes Visit Largest-Ever de Young Exhibit

Arts Instructor Ascha Drake shares her art classes' experience at the de Young's current exhibit. Students in the Drawing 1A and Painting 1A classes ventured to the de Young last week to see the David Hockney exhibition, which is up through Jan. 20.         It is the largest show in the history... Continue Reading →

Drawing 1A & 1B Visit “Tree Fall” Installation

Arts Instructor Ascha Drake shares about a recent outing to a local installation. On Nov. 8, the Drawing 1A and Drawing 1B classes ventured to Andy Goldsworthy's third Presidio installation, "Tree Fall." It is located in Building 95, just up the hill from The Bay School, and it will be there for an indefinite amount of... Continue Reading →

“Close Your Eyes and Sing”: More on Experimental Drawing

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares a second experimental drawing lesson.     "To draw, you must close your eyes and sing."                   - Pablo Picasso Students in the Drawing 1B class continue to experiment and explore with materials and ways of drawing. What does it feel like to draw with your eyes closed? They each... Continue Reading →

Drawing 1B and “Extended Arms”

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares a start-of-school project. Students in the Drawing 1B class had a session of experimenting. Our familiarity with picking up and holding pens and pencils for writing creates a habitual approach to handling them. Students attached a drawing tool of their choice onto a long stick that became their "extended arm."... Continue Reading →

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