Math Club Competition


Encouraged by Bay “mathlete” supporter and math instructor Dr. Rachel Esselstein, several Bay students participated in the California Math League High School Math Competition (CaML) on Tuesday, October 13th.

In the first of several tests for the CaML, Bay came in 4th among schools in the Bay Area, with Joey Silberman ’18 scoring highest among Bay students. The students with the math1highest scores across all 6 tests will have a chance to qualify for the national competition. Students can sign-up to take the competitions (they don’t need to take all 6). The second test took place on November 10.

The CaML competition is a great way for students in all grades to develop their skills and math2confidence through solving thoughtful word problems. Students solve problems on a range of topics, including geometry, algebra, trigonometry, roots, integers and probability. For more information about CaML, visit their website: or email Dr. Esselstein at

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