Inspired Printmaking: Expanding on Sketches

Printmaking bridges drawing and painting. The Advanced Drawing and Painting artists are taking their favorite drawings from their life drawing sessions and transforming them into prints. Many students are working with reductive lino cut techniques while some students are gravitating towards incising into Styrofoam and inking and printing from that surface. Others are working with silk screen, and still more students are working with etching/intaglio.

The project has reminded students that their drawings can extend into other projects and mediums. Often, their pages from sketchbooks are forgotten, as are the charcoal life form drawings, so this was an opportunity to revisit their past work and see what ideas were sparked. In the process, students have relished mixing ink colors, playing with off-set registration, using the etching press in the studio and working with the beauty of the multiple.

– Ascha Drake, Visual Arts Faculty