Pasta and Hot Glue Teach Structural Systems

The Pasta Bridge project is a chance for students in the Engineering Design 1 class to learn about structural systems.

Whole Class Pasta Bridges

Students design and build a truss bridge made out of only pasta and hot glue.

Two Girls Smiling at Pasta Bridge

A truss is a structural system made of elements arranged into interconnected triangles.

Emmet Pfau Testing Pasta Bridge

Each finished bridge must weigh less than 250 grams and span 18 inches.

TWJ Brad and Pasta Bridges

At the end of the project, we test the bridges to the point of failure.

Three Girls and Brad Pasta Bridges Broken

This year, Will ’14, Theron ’15, Wally ’16 and Emmet ’16 worked together to build the strongest bridge in class, which held 38 times its own weight.

Three Boys Smiling Broken Bridge

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