“A Strong Table & A Folded Table”: Advanced Product Design Tackles A Furniture Challenge

Director of the Project Center Brad Niven describes students' challenges and successes with a recent engineering project.  The Advanced Product Design Class produced tables for their second project of the trimester. They had to design and build a table that was capable of folding flat, and they each had only a single 48x48-inch piece of... Continue Reading →

Pasta and Hot Glue Teach Structural Systems

The Pasta Bridge project is a chance for students in the Engineering Design 1 class to learn about structural systems. Students design and build a truss bridge made out of only pasta and hot glue. A truss is a structural system made of elements arranged into interconnected triangles. Each finished bridge must weigh less than 250... Continue Reading →

Staffulty Perspectives: Brad Niven on T3 Engineering

This trimester marks the start of three Engineering Design 2 classes; one is focused on mechanisms, while the other two are focused on design, but all three have sights set on conquering a unique and daunting challenge. The two design-focused classes have begun the process of creating different types of flat-folding furniture. One class’ challenge... Continue Reading →

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