Visual Impressions: Painting 1A Visits deYoung Diebenkorn Exhibit

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares about her students’ experiences on a recent field trip.

On Sept. 27 the Painting 1A class headed over to the de Young Museum to view the Richard Diebenkorn exhibit.

The Bay School Field Trip Diebenkorn

Diebenkorn was struck by the beauty and landscape of the Bay Area, and  he developed his own style of Abstract Expressionist painting. The exhibit focused on the paintings and drawings that he created while living in Berkeley.

Diebenkorn Paintings and Bay Students

“All paintings start out of a mood, out of a relationship with things or people, out of a complete visual impression,” said Diebenkorn.

Diebenkorn Notes to Self

The students were impressed with Diebenkorn’s way with paint; the physical, tactile surfaces that he was able to build up.

Diebenkorn Painting

Diebenkorn was masterful in the ways he was able to capture light,  and how the different landscape change according to the time of day. Students were also intrigued with his assuredness with line and shape. There seems to be a strong foundation established first, and then Diebenkorn layered and excavated and layered and excavated. Often just a few lines articulated a very clear vision and idea. Looking at other artists is so important, as young artists are able to understand the many different ways paint can be applied to a surface. As they took in the exhibit, the Painting 1A students recorded their experiences and thoughts in their sketchbooks.

The Bay School Field Trip Diebenkorn