The Emerging Self: Painting 1a’s Monochromatic Self-Portraits

Before the end of the school year, students in the Painting 1a class completed a monochromatic self-portrait project. Generating a self-portrait is hard work, as the experience connects deeply to one’s identity and how the artists see themselves in the world. To begin, the artists in both sections looked at self-portraits from Andy Warhol, Lucien... Continue Reading →

Self-Portraits and Charcoal: New Projects in the Drawing and Painting Studio

There is a lot happening in the drawing and painting studio this term! Using new materials and techniques, the Drawing 1A and Painting 1A students are getting inspired and creating amazing work. Presently, the Drawing 1A artists are working with all types of charcoal - including vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, charcoal pencil and conte -... Continue Reading →

Visual Impressions: Painting 1A Visits deYoung Diebenkorn Exhibit

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares about her students' experiences on a recent field trip. On Sept. 27 the Painting 1A class headed over to the de Young Museum to view the Richard Diebenkorn exhibit. Diebenkorn was struck by the beauty and landscape of the Bay Area, and  he developed his own style of Abstract Expressionist... Continue Reading →

Reflections: Color Walks With Painting 1A

Ascha Drake's Painting 1A were just entering into the world of paint and color, so to gain sensitivity she assigned them the Color Walk writing for homework. They each had to walk for at least one hour, uninterrupted, with no goal or destination in mind. Phones and iPods had to be left at home, and... Continue Reading →

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