Drawing 1B and “Extended Arms”

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares a start-of-school project.

Students in the Drawing 1B class had a session of experimenting. Our familiarity with picking up and holding pens and pencils for writing creates a habitual approach to handling them. Students attached a drawing tool of their choice onto a long stick that became their “extended arm.”

Drawing 1B 9.4.13 3 Drawing 1B 9.4.13 Drawing 1B 9.4.13 2

They stood at a drawing board situated on an easel and drew an object on paper using the extended arm. This experience changed their approach to beginning a drawing and how a drawing can be rendered. Then students bound two drawing materials together and experimented with drawing this way. Their vocabulary of marks and lights and darks surprised them and the drawings in the end came out beautifully!

Drawing 1B 9.4.13 5 Drawing 1B 9.4.13 4