“Close Your Eyes and Sing”: More on Experimental Drawing

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares a second experimental drawing lesson.     "To draw, you must close your eyes and sing."                   - Pablo Picasso Students in the Drawing 1B class continue to experiment and explore with materials and ways of drawing. What does it feel like to draw with your eyes closed? They each... Continue Reading →

Drawing 1B and “Extended Arms”

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares a start-of-school project. Students in the Drawing 1B class had a session of experimenting. Our familiarity with picking up and holding pens and pencils for writing creates a habitual approach to handling them. Students attached a drawing tool of their choice onto a long stick that became their "extended arm."... Continue Reading →

Experiences: Time for Laughter

Following a recent Morning Meeting presentation from Yale’s improvisation group, the laughter continued with Thursday’s Morning Meeting. Associate Head of School Dennis Hartzell only hinted at the hilarity when he told the community of students, parents, guardians, teachers and staff that student Julia would “lead us in an unusual meditation.” Julia declared, “I would like... Continue Reading →

Experiences: Marine Bio’s Overnight Study in Monterey, Part Two (With Pics!)

You may remember San Francisco Bay Marine Biology’s overnight field trip to Monterey from our previous post, but now that the other class section has made its way there and back, there are a few more details worth sharing. Here’s what senior Brendan, whose photography-oriented Senior Signature Project led him to document the excursion, had... Continue Reading →

Experiences: Students Present at the Fall Research Exhibition

For the past three months, sophomores taking Research in the Community have been building their research skills by exploring topics of personal interest that are also relevant to their communities. They've gathered scholarly information, conducted field research, written about their findings and created a project and presentation. As a culminating exercise, these students had the... Continue Reading →

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