Drawn to Drawing

The Drawing 1a students listened to Brazilian artist, Vik Muniz, talk about his process and ways of exploring unconventional drawing materials.  It was inspiring to listen to him talk about “ideas” and notions of “creativity.”

The students then set to work on their prints, which are in process.

What is a print?
A print can be made out of anything. We are surrounded by things in the world that are printed. In the art studio the students are drawing with pencil or pen into a Styrofoam “plate” that is then inked and printed on paper. The artists are using block printing ink, and brayers.

Students are layering, incising, combining, reducing, and accentuating using line and color.

Students are learning to take an idea on a walk ; allowing the materials and process to dictate the direction they go in.

Some students worked with the “suggestion” of line and form.

And other students chose to define more of their characteristics with mark-making.

3 Replies to “Drawn to Drawing”

  1. I just got around to reading this Nov 1st blog by Ascha Drake, The Bay School art teacher ~
    Wow! are those kids lucky to have her her there! She is doing so much more than most art teachers do. Ascha is clearly an imaginative and vibrant person, who is literally opening windows for her students. Her energy, knowledge and enthusiasm transmit themselves in this blog ~ I wish i were lucky enough to be in her class!

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