Cultural Happenings: Ideas from Ascha

Looking for something to do? Arts Instructor Ascha Drake reccommends the following cultural happenings for students and adults alike! The Oakland Museum celebrates The Day of the Dead Andy Goldsworthy’s Tree Fall in the Presidio ( just opened ! ) David Hockney at the de Young Museum (opens Oct. 26) Matisse at... Continue Reading →

Conversations: On Water Bottles and Big, Old Clocks

“What does sustainability mean? Does it mean that we recycle? Does it mean that all we need to do is drive a Prius? Does it mean that we eat only organically fed, free-range chickens that have been read a bedtime story before they go to sleep?” Director of The Project Center Brad Niven spoke at... Continue Reading →

Professional Development in Action: Lori Cohen

Lori Cohen – teacher of humanities, literature, writing, religion and philosophy – discusses how professional development has informed and continues to enhance her classes past, present and future. In particular, she speaks to her recent, NEH grant-funded course and the role it has played in shaping her upcoming new class at The Bay School.  This... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Jackson Katz on Preventing Gender Violence

Anti-sexism activist and educator Jackson Katz talked with students, faculty and staff yesterday afternoon and parents, guardians and other members of the community last night. Thoroughly knowledgeable, remarkably personable and truly inspirational, Katz invited everyone to think critically about gender in the media and their lives. To begin his presentation, Katz explained his personal interest... Continue Reading →

Drawn to Drawing

The Drawing 1a students listened to Brazilian artist, Vik Muniz, talk about his process and ways of exploring unconventional drawing materials.  It was inspiring to listen to him talk about "ideas" and notions of "creativity." The students then set to work on their prints, which are in process. What is a print? A print... Continue Reading →

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