Inside Job

In the last few weeks, the United Nations Club watched the movie, Inside Job, which is a 2010 production on the implosion of the international financial system, as well as corruption within the larger financial corporations. After we finished the movie, we inevitably set out to process, discuss, and debate the topic at hand. We took advantage of the opportunity to introduce parliamentary procedure in order to familiarize ourselves with terms and conduct while discussing our opinions and reactions to the film. Some of us wholeheartedly agreed with the views expressed in the film—astonished by the crisis that erupted from privatization, the credit default swap system, and the eventual collapse while financial executives received astonishing amounts of cash bonuses. While our debate covered many aspects of the crisis, we centered on the question of regulation and the parallels and responsibilities between the financial companies and the federal government.

This week we will be focusing on preparation for our upcoming United Nations Conference at Stanford, where ten of our delegates are heading on Friday to represent a range of committees. These committees include the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the United Nations Development Programme, the Espionage Council, and the World Health Organization. In the coming weeks, we will continue to focus on a range of international topics and current events while working with parliamentary procedure and formal debate formats.

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