Precept Commercials

Karen Hellyer’s Video Production 1A class tackled Bay’s Precepts as concepts for 30-60 second commercials.

Here was their assignment:
For each precept, come up with three examples / ideas that could somehow be illustrated in a 60 or 90 second spot.
[list_numbered]We aspire to live by these Guiding Precepts and build our community life on them:

  • We value living with kindness and honesty; we are careful truth tellers.
  • We value the importance of boundaries; we take only what is given.
  • We value respecting ourselves and our friends in relationships; we don’t misuse sexuality.
  • We value a clear mind and a healthy, strong body; we don’t intoxicate ourselves with alcohol, drugs, unhealthy food, or the misuse of technology.
  • We value kind speech; we don’t slander or gossip.
  • We value the richness of difference and diversity; we don’t praise ourselves at the expense of another; we don’t bully or haze.
  • We value communication; we don’t harbor anger or ill will, especially toward ourselves.
  • We value generosity; we share, giving and receiving help.
  • We value patience with ourselves and others; we don’t rush to judgment.
  • We value the earth, our home; we don’t pollute, we recycle and we are careful, conscious consumers.
  • [/list_numbered]

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