SLC: Ping Pong!

From Karis, a member of the SLC:

The SLC (Bay’s Student Life Committee/Student Council) excited Bay School students yesterday morning with the unveiling of two brand new Ping Pong tables! The SLC strives to improve Bay life as well as other aspects of Bay. We listen to the student’s feedback and we create an agenda of our own to tackle some of the issues and improve Bay. This idea was brought to us by a student who thought it would bring some fun into our rigorous academic environment. The SLC thought that this was a great idea, so we discussed the pros and cons in a meeting and talked to our Head of School, Tim Johnson, about it. The proposal was approved and one week later, we had two beautiful Ping Pong tables. The waterproof tables are outside in our courtyard and students have been playing on them all day!

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