Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

By Lise Shelton, Assistant Head of School Central to who we are as a school are the Bay School Precepts. Guidelines rather than rules, they ask us to be the community we want to be: caring, intentional, aware. The aspirational quality of the precepts suggests that they are not easily realized. They require work and... Continue Reading →

Meet the Staffulty: Lori Cohen

Growing up on the San Francisco Peninsula, Lori developed a passion for painting and drawing and became a skilled communicator. She thought she would become a lawyer when she grew up. This changed her junior year of high school when she began to deeply connect to the multicultural literature that she was reading in her classes.... Continue Reading →

Bringing the Real World to School

In a new post in his series on academics at Bay, Academic Dean Andy Shaw reflects on how Bay students are able to grow and thrive as sophisticated, young professionals, thanks to the myriad, meaningful opportunities available at Bay. In an era when classical notions of academic rigor beg to be redefined, one of the... Continue Reading →

The Difference Between “Doing Something” and “Doing Something Well”

Academic Dean Andy Shaw returns to our blog with another in-depth look at academics at Bay. In this post, Andy shares how Bay students learn to reflect on their work in meaningful ways, beginning in their 9th-grade year. When talking about Bay’s notion of “rigor with purpose,” I see a lot of nodding heads when... Continue Reading →

“It Feels Good to Dig In”: Colin Williams on Humanities at Bay

It’s not every day that you get to learn from a teacher that speaks Sanskrit, plays jazz bass and has a deep knowledge of all things history…unless you’re Colin Williams’ student, of course. Colin, who teaches both Humanities and music at Bay, loves sharing his talents in the classroom. As he explains, “Teaching Humanities at... Continue Reading →

Katherine Riley on Directing Musicals at Bay

What’s it like to have been involved in every Bay musical? “Well, it’s been a very Bay School experience,” laughs Katherine Riley, drama and humanities faculty and director of Bay’s musicals.  “I’ve learned a lot…When I started, I wasn’t flying blind, because I had directed musicals before, but not here, not in a small school.”... Continue Reading →

Big Questions with No Easy Answers

Academic Dean Andy Shaw returns to our blog with another in-depth look at academics at Bay. In this post, Andy talks about what academic rigor looks like at Bay, and how our students are learning to tackle tough questions. A hundred years ago, academic rigor looked different from the way we see it today at... Continue Reading →

Gender and Dress: Craig Butz on How Clothing Reflects Society’s Values

At Morning Meeting, our students, faculty and staff speak about issues of personal importance. This week, Research in the Community and Humanities faculty member Craig Butz shared a video that he created, exploring the intersection of dress and gender. Does modern clothing reflect gender equality or disparity? Why does Bay have the dress policy it... Continue Reading →

World Traveler, Author and Teacher: Meet Ayize Jama-Everett

Humanities teacher, counselor and writer Ayize Jama-Everett has strong feelings about giving students room to grow and learn. “I like seeing kids in their natural habitat, hearing them say, ‘Oh, I’m kind of curious about this. I want to learn more about it.’” Helping to open two group homes for teens and working at a... Continue Reading →

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