Conversations: On Water Bottles and Big, Old Clocks

“What does sustainability mean? Does it mean that we recycle? Does it mean that all we need to do is drive a Prius? Does it mean that we eat only organically fed, free-range chickens that have been read a bedtime story before they go to sleep?” Director of The Project Center Brad Niven spoke at... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Why Meditation Matters

Krissa Lebacqz, counseling trainee and morning meeting coordinator, spoke on Thursday about practicing mindfulness. She referenced The Bay School mission, which stresses “a mindful approach to learning and life,” as well as studies that show a correlation between mindfulness and stress-reduction, focus and the ability to deal with difficult emotions. Through her personal experience with... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Mio on Gossip

At a recent morning meeting, College Counseling Associate Mio Berk delved deeper into the precept “We value kind speech; we don’t slander or gossip.” She shared her experience discovering old notebooks shared with middle school friends, comparing her childhood note-passing to today’s texts or direct messaging. One particular entry focusing on “Amy’s hair” caused Mio... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Jackson Katz on Preventing Gender Violence

Anti-sexism activist and educator Jackson Katz talked with students, faculty and staff yesterday afternoon and parents, guardians and other members of the community last night. Thoroughly knowledgeable, remarkably personable and truly inspirational, Katz invited everyone to think critically about gender in the media and their lives. To begin his presentation, Katz explained his personal interest... Continue Reading →

Morning Meetings

Morning meetings are an important part of the Bay life. Every morning, except Wednesdays, the school gathers and spends time together. Various events happen at morning meetings—sometimes it's a faculty member who gives a brief talk about their spiritual journey, a student club talking about their latest project, a student performance, or a guest speaker.... Continue Reading →

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