Welcome to Bay’s Winter Immersives!

And so it begins – a new year, a new decade, and The Bay School’s Winter Immersive term! Over the next three weeks, Bay students will undertake ambitious projects while exploring a range of topics from the math of democracy to the chemistry of cooking to the life of a writer. Immersives allow students to go deep into a subject of study, get outside the classroom, and learn by doing and working side-by-side with experts in their fields. Each day, the Bay Blog will highlight one of 18 different courses offered this term beginning with Immersive Art Studio.

Have you ever dreamed of being an artist?

During a time of significant cultural unrest, art has never been more relevant. Artistic expression allows people to explore ideas and issues in ways words simply cannot realize. With just one photograph or painting, an artist can touch the collective conscious and give voice to deeper meaning, a point-of-view, or an individual’s sense of self. Art provides an important avenue to express and reflect our humanity.

In Immersive Art Studio at Bay, students experience what it’s like to live the day-to-day life of an artist. Thanks to the generosity of Presidio Trust, the course takes students out of the classroom and into their own warehouse studio space at 1051 Edie Road where they live and breathe the creative process. They experience firsthand how cultivating and inhabiting their own creative space, and dedicating themselves to five hours of concentrated work each day can deepen their skills. Students delve deep into examining their own style and aesthetic  – experimenting, refining, assessing, reworking, and then fine-tuning – while gradually working towards a culminating project and exhibition. 

“The actual departure from campus (and thus from “high school”) and the resulting immersion into one’s own “real world” creative space is transformative for our students — it rearranges their brains. Students cultivate a creative space and daily practice that is authentic, leaving behind “top-down” schooling, and calmly taking agency in their artwork —  the art (rather than the instructor) leads them forward. There is a meditative reflection in Art Studio Immersive that is simply not possible in a classroom setting. The creative space and extended time leads to introspection, soulfulness, and warmth among students that allows remarkable growth.”    

By the end of the term, students have developed and experienced a daily creative practice that allows them to stretch their imagination and boundaries to better know themselves – as artists, students, and community members. 

All student projects will be on display on Friday, January 24 from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Winter Immersive Exhibition and Grandfriend’s Day. Follow The Bay School on social media to see how student art projects progress throughout the immersive term.  

Bay students depart from campus and move into their own art studio where they live and breathe the creative process for three weeks.