Getting In Touch With Their Wild Sides: Painting 1B’s New Project

The Painting 1B artists have just finished a project titled Fur, Feathered and Scaled. Students were inspired by the textures, forms and patterns of animals, and especially by the studio’s four special visitors: a bittern, a bobcat, a rattlesnake and a barn owl from the Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

We also looked at artists who use animals as an inspiration for their painting practice, such as:

To kick off the project, students worked with Sumi ink on drawing paper, rendering two-minute line drawings while looking at both shapes and details. Students then used charcoal to sketch on newsprint, learning about the proportions and complexities of the natural entities. Each student then built, stretched and primed two canvases. Some students worked with acrylic paint, while other students worked with oils. Either way, the results are stunning.

Both the drawings and the finished works previewed here can be seen in person near the first floor stairwell of the school.

– Ascha Drake, Visual Arts Faculty

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