3D Foundations & The Beauty of Paper

Arts Instructor Ascha Drake on  the start of her T2 sculpture class.

The 3D Foundations 1A class has gotten off to an exciting start! Students are focusing on the beauty of paper. Plain 8 ½ x 11 pieces of white printer paper.

The challenge: What actions can you impose on paper to transform its materiality? Twisting, folding, crimping, bending, tubing….these are some of the explorations students are engaged in. They are relishing the simple uneven tear of the fibers, the surprise of pinching puckers into the surface, or the intrigue of creating an organic thing that falls in space.

Students have been looking at the work of Tara Donovan. She works with everyday objects to create sculptural installations and environments.

As students work with the 12 stations in the studio,  experimenting with the ways one can make paper three-dimensional, they are creating sample books in their sketchbooks. As they move from station to station they are gathering ideas:

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Next step with the skills and understandings they have gained….paper bugs.