Reflections: Color Walks With Painting 1A

Ascha Drake’s Painting 1A were just entering into the world of paint and color, so to gain sensitivity she assigned them the Color Walk writing for homework. They each had to walk for at least one hour, uninterrupted, with no goal or destination in mind. Phones and iPods had to be left at home, and all they needed to do was walk and take in the different layers of color in their environment. Here are two of the writings her students produced.

Color Walk Down Valencia Street

by Charlotte Wheaton

Thick swirls of prominent color painted over what was once peels and chips of familiar faces.

Spray painted stencils on the concrete. The asphalt contributes to the shapes and faces. A printed bird, wishing it could become un-imbedded.

Orange slush-mango colada. My lunch. Man delivering brimming cups of pink beets, green kale.
Burger Joint, patent leather red booths and comic strip faces.

“This is a totally weird question, but can I have one of those pens?”

The women with shiny silver piercings answers my prayers.

Dirt imprinted Capri-sun packet. Solidified to the sidewalk after careless stampings.
Colored green glass beads serenaded by reggae.

Jillian’s baby pink Old Navy spaghetti strap (with a built in bra, of course).
The electric green slopes that seem endless.
Who knows what  hides within and under that lush façade.
The checked red, black, and white of my love’s flannel;
Doing business?


What Color Was That Thought?

by Kai Nasser

Creamy ivory church, gold cross, dark stained glass windows, clear blue sky – What shade of blue?
Almost the same as my nails or the shirt, but not the lighter with no safety.
Black grey green purple with pigeons with burnt sienna eyes.
Strawberry blonde hair with a red polo and dark blue jeans – not like the shirt or the sky or nails, but closest to the lighter (still not very close), dark shade, my shadow’s black (it’s back).
My hair is black, my pen is black. The wind is not a color. What a shame.

Green grass, white highlights, brown shoes in the grass, that lady bug was red. Green benches all scuffed up.
Where do the pigeons sleep? When the elephant has left the room, what’s left? How many links in the chain?
Red, white and blue follow the wind. Where am I?
STOP. An aggressive red.
Now my pen is gray….grey?…I like gray.
The seats are teal. His shirt is black with white stripes. White headphones. That is a giant cup of soda. Like literally it is huge. Orange and bright pink cases – how unique.

What’s black?

His shoes, the windows, her jacket, sunglasses, backpack, jackets folded in laps, my hair, pony tail holder, skirt (technically).
Everyone is so plugged in. Blue green cream tiles 16th Street Station! What color is a voice?
Does it change color over an intercom?
Saw black leggings, matching dress, and the nails.
Orange bike. How lovely!
Am I even awake right now? My handwriting has gotten bigger and the doors won’t close.

2 Replies to “Reflections: Color Walks With Painting 1A”

  1. Really fun idea – inspires us all to walk and to look ~ and once in awhile to just look for colors ~

  2. Great assignment! Noticing the world around you – and it’s colors and shapes – is underrated, not to mention how much it can help your creative process when you get back to the drawing board!

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