Experiences: Students Present at the Fall Research Exhibition

For the past three months, sophomores taking Research in the Community have been building their research skills by exploring topics of personal interest that are also relevant to their communities. They’ve gathered scholarly information, conducted field research, written about their findings and created a project and presentation. As a culminating exercise, these students had the opportunity to share what they learned with the community at the Fall Research Exhibition on Nov. 14.

Check out some of the fascinating topics students chose to research, from the optimistic to the life-or-death; then see the group in action in the Media Gallery Album!

> Blake: How do resettlement organizations help integrate refugees into American society?

> Will: Is Bitcoin a viable alternative to fiat money?

> Shawn: Why is Lyme disease difficult to diagnose? Why is Lyme often not considered as a diagnosis?

> Sara: Should teens be tried as adults in cases of rape and murder?

> Giulietta: What can parents and teachers do to help primary students with ADHD succeed?

> Malcolm: What are some of the social effects of being bi-racial?

> Precious: How can communities help prevent students from dropping out of school?

> Addi: How can psychologists help their patients interpret certain occurrences in their dreams and use their dreams to help them identify emotional problems that were previously unknown to the patients?

> Kait: What is relational aggression? What can be done to prevent it?

> Amalia: What effects do media—specifically advertisements—have on the health of young adults?

> Kealey: Why is homeopathy a legitimate and effective alternative to Western medicine?

> Charlotte: What is Wicca? How has it developed over time?

> Jillian: What makes learning Mandarin challenging? Why is it worth the time and effort to learn Mandarin?

> Daniel: Internet Fandoms: Are they actual communities?

> Mariella: Why is it important to help children with dyslexia?

> Morey: How can civic education improve public participation among the youth?

> Mark: How does the Gates Co-op Debate in Sausalito highlight the choice between personal freedoms and social responsibilities?

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