Professional Development in Action: Colin Williams

“Sometimes a fresh approach or technique is all a teacher needs to be more effective in the classroom. For Colin Williams, a music and humanities teacher at The Bay School in San Francisco, part of that approach is making his band students sing." Read more about the creative strategies Colin gleaned from his professional development... Continue Reading →

Conversations: On Religious Violence and Learning

Rev. Can. Charles Gibbs, Bay School Trustee, spoke at yesterday's Morning Meeting about 9/11, the recent embassy attacks and making the choice to learn about religions other than our own. Hear his speech or read his letter for United Religions Initiative below. Listen to the MP3 Here A Message from URI’s Executive Director 12 September... Continue Reading →

Reflections on the Stanford Model United Nations Conference

On November 4-6 Bay's Model U.N. Club attended Stanford's Model United Nations Conference. Here are some of their reflections on that weekend. Julia Nierenberg – Junior At Stanford, I represented Mexico within the committee of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The two topics we discussed were 1) Secondary Education in Developing Countries... Continue Reading →

Inside Job

In the last few weeks, the United Nations Club watched the movie, Inside Job, which is a 2010 production on the implosion of the international financial system, as well as corruption within the larger financial corporations. After we finished the movie, we inevitably set out to process, discuss, and debate the topic at hand. We... Continue Reading →

Model United Nations

This past Friday in Model United Nations Club, we read an article from The Economist about the struggle over statehood with Palestine. After some background on Palestine’s recent bid for statehood at the United Nations, we had an informal discussion sharing our personal views, and pointing out what we saw as problems and benefits to Palestine being... Continue Reading →

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