What is Drawing?

“Drawing is not an exercise. Exercise is sitting on a stationary bicycle and going nowhere. Drawing is being on a bicycle and taking a journey.”  — Jim Dine

In the studio, students are exploring the different ways a drawing can be made.

Does a drawing always have to be pencil on paper?
Can you work on the wall to draw?
How long does it take to make a drawing?

Both Drawing 1a students and Drawing 1b students are thinking about identity, and how artists choose to portray elements about their selves and who they are.

Some questions they are thinking about are:

Who am I?
What do I want to reveal about myself through my art?

Often artists project a drawing onto the wall to enlarge and magnify the image.

Sometimes artists work seated and very up close to their work.

Here the artist has projected an ink drawing onto paper. The lines have been recorded onto the paper attached to the wall.

Making a drawing is a process: a physical engagement: an additive and subtractive journey. And then certain shapes and lines are drawn out from the paper using an X-acto knife.

A lot of the time artists use photographs or visual references to make their work.

And while working they sometimes combine materials such as ink, charcoal, and graphite pencil. One way to make a self-portrait is to use the “contour line” technique.

Students used ink to illustrate different expressions using this technique where everything is connected: as if a piece of string or wire was threading out of the drawing tool while on the paper.

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