Where do artists find inspiration and ideas?

 “The best ideas come unexpectedly from a conversation or a common activity like watering the garden. These can get lost or slip away if not acted on when they occur.”      — Ruth Asawa

How does a writer begin to draft a composition?
How does a poet begin to craft a written snapshot of a moment?
How do visual artists take the leap in the studio and begin to work with materials?

Artists in the Drawing 1a and Drawing 1b classes are thinking about what encourages the artistic process……

Often it is the layout of materials that sparks ideas…..

Or looking at other artists like Tim Hawkinson


Or working with images from magazines to source patterns and ideas…..

Or adding to pages of a growing sketchbook….. (the artists featured here are Matisse and Margaret Kilgallen)


The Drawing 1a students just finished working on scaled-up color pieces. They worked with colored pencil and were inspired by pattern, blended color tones, and compositional space.

Students reflected on color and thought of names for the colors in their work.

Students in Drawing 1b just completed a self-portrait graphite drawing piece. Students looked at the work of Chuck Close before beginning the project as an inspirational spark. Please come and visit the studio on the third floor to see more work from the Bay School artists.

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