Po’ Boy Sandwiches and Conversation

I just returned from a trip to New Orleans where Mio Berk, College Counseling Associate, and I attended The National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) annual conference.

This conference gathers approximately 5,000 college admissions officers and high school counselors from every corner of the country (and beyond). While there, we had the opportunity to attend sessions that covered a range of topics (from The Admissions Process for schools in the UK to Scholarship Opportunities in the US) and had the opportunity to network and connect with colleagues at various colleges and universities. All of which were enjoyable and informative.

However, the true highlight of the trip was being able to have lunch with a Bay alumnus while taking time away from the conference to tour Tulane University and Loyola University. Over a classic New Orleans Po’ Boy sandwich, I got hear about the transition to college and transition to life 2,000 miles away from home. I got to witness a person who I once knew to be a reticent high school student who now is a verbal college sophomore. He spoke of how well Bay had prepared him for college. The amount of writing we require and the level of critical thinking he had had experienced at Bay have given him a distinct advantage in his college classes. Most of all I was able to witness how our college process, focused on fit, allowed this young man to find a place where he is flourishing and is able to pursue his passion in Music Business.

It is good to be home but connecting with colleagues and checking in on former students was well worth the trip (and the Po’ Boy sandwich wasn’t bad either).

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