In the art studio we have been talking about color.

How does color affect you?
What colors do you gravitate towards?

Students in the Drawing 1a class have been working with colored pencils to “scale-up” an image from a magazine. Math skills set the foundation for the project, as students gridded off an image from a magazine in 1 inch squares. Each square became a little universe in and of itself, and students enlarged the image twice the size.

Students are developing different systems to keep track of their materials and colors. Above look at how an artist holds his pencils to access the colors needed for the project. We also looked at a blog created by Oakland artist, Lea Redmond.

Click below to read about her Pencil in My Pocket project. She sends out colored pencils to participants, and asks them to write about the color and what memories or associations are brought up by the color.

Color is powerful.

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