Authenticity and Self-Reflection: Dorothy Jones on College Counseling at Bay

Earlier this month, Director of College Counseling Dorothy Jones presented Bay's approach to the college admission process at the National Association for College Admission Counseling's annual conference. Read on to learn more about how the College Counseling team helps students find a college that truly resonates with them. ---------------------------------- Thank you for being here for... Continue Reading →

College Application Time!

The College Counseling Office, along with the class of 2012, has survived two milestone days in the college application process, November 1st and 15th—early application deadlines. Today I realized yet another reason why it is so useful being a laptop school. After school, there was a spontaneous gathering of seniors in my office. Laptops in... Continue Reading →

Po’ Boy Sandwiches and Conversation

I just returned from a trip to New Orleans where Mio Berk, College Counseling Associate, and I attended The National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) annual conference. This conference gathers approximately 5,000 college admissions officers and high school counselors from every corner of the country (and beyond). While there, we had the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Welcome, New Bloggers!

With the launch of our new Admission site, we would like to welcome the faculty members who have signed on to become guest bloggers. So, please join me in welcoming some new voices to the BayBlog! Ascha Drake Chris Kuszmaul Colin Williams Raul Betancourt Richard Piccioni Dave Wang Dorothy Jones Katherine Riley Rachel Shaw and... Continue Reading →

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