Model United Nations

This past Friday in Model United Nations Club, we read an article from The Economist about the struggle over statehood with Palestine. After some background on Palestine’s recent bid for statehood at the United Nations, we had an informal discussion sharing our personal views, and pointing out what we saw as problems and benefits to Palestine being given statehood, as well as the implications  of the United States’ vote at the United Nations. Some thought it would be detrimental to cast our vote against Palestine’s statehood because we could potentially lose our few allies in the Middle East. Others thought it was in the best interest of the United States as well as Israel that the U.S. follow through with voting against statehood. Though we ranged in backgrounds about what we knew about the issue, we were able to have a nice first discussion to kick off the year! In the coming weeks, we plan to introduce parliamentary procedure and move into unmoderated and moderated caucuses discussing current events as well as other topics of interest.

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