Finding Inspiration: Addi ’15 on Discovering His Passions at Bay

When Addi ’15 transferred to Bay during his 9th-grade year, he wasn’t sure what he’d find at his new school. Now, in the middle of his senior year, the answer has become clear: he’s discovered his passions. From music to cross country, and US History to existentialism, Addi has pursued new subjects and stretched his... Continue Reading →

Climate Change: A New, Interdisciplinary Course at Bay

The Bay School Blog sat down with Humanities Instructor Robin Workman and Science Instructor Jonna Smyth in the midst of their preparations for an all-new, project-based class of their own design. Combining science and social science with an emphasis on politics and ethics, the pilot class will be co-taught and fully interdisciplinary, making it the... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Students Talk (and Think!) Politics

“As anger and disillusionment toward the current state of our political system rises, the number of people voting falls? Surely this can’t be the solution.” Senior Walker spoke at Morning Meeting recently about the aim of The Bay School mock election, citing nation-wide lack of citizen participation as a serious issue that even the youngest... Continue Reading →

Reflections on the Stanford Model United Nations Conference

On November 4-6 Bay's Model U.N. Club attended Stanford's Model United Nations Conference. Here are some of their reflections on that weekend. Julia Nierenberg – Junior At Stanford, I represented Mexico within the committee of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The two topics we discussed were 1) Secondary Education in Developing Countries... Continue Reading →

Model United Nations

This past Friday in Model United Nations Club, we read an article from The Economist about the struggle over statehood with Palestine. After some background on Palestine’s recent bid for statehood at the United Nations, we had an informal discussion sharing our personal views, and pointing out what we saw as problems and benefits to Palestine being... Continue Reading →

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