“It Must Take an Army!” 3D Foundations Visits the Mark di Suvero Sculptures in Crissy Field

Arts instructor Ascha Drake shares about a recent field trip.

photo 1

Recently, the 3D Foundations 1A students left The Bay School studio and ventured to Crissy Field to look at the Mark di Suvero installation.

“The pieces connect with the Golden Gate Bridge.” Observed one student.

“How did they get here?” Asked another student.

The pieces are majestic and magnificent in size and construction. There are eight sculptures marching across the 26.5-acre green space. The collection of works is the largest public single-site, single-artist exhibition mounted by SFMOMA!

“What I realized right away is that the scale of this space is vast,” says Neil Benezra, who curated the show. “I went to Mark and I said, ‘There are big di Suveros, and there are really big di Suveros and to fill this space we need really, really big di Suveros,’ and he understood that right away.”

Students were asked to make four sketches. Some sketches were made by looking up at the works…other sketches focused on the assembling of the works…”How does di Suvero put all the parts together?” It must take an army!”

The installation is not permanent…it is up in Crissy Field through May 2014:¬†http://www.sfmoma.org/exhib_events/exhibitions/568.

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