Spring has Sprung!

Spring is in the air which often brings with it a certain sense of renewal and starting over. It feels nice to remember that in these atypical times of sheltering in place and maybe even feeling a little stagnant, that the Earth will continue to turn; and so can we. 

For some, spring cleaning often feels good due to this sense of renewal, starting over and purging old items or cleaning areas that we no longer need to keep around. We can actually do something very similar, emotionally. 

When we mindfully think about some aspects of our own selves that we would like to respectfully let go of, it can lead to a very powerful transformation. Similar to our mindfulness practice, we are simply noticing, without judgment, some of the emotions, attitudes, or thoughts that no longer serve us. Just like the butterfly, we won’t magically change overnight. But in keeping up with this practice, we can experience a sense of renewal and foster the positive thoughts and feelings, while gently letting go of the negative ones or ones that hold us back. 

We invite you to spread your wings and fly this spring. It is still possible – even when we are staying home. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Suzanne & Christina


       Vision Board
Just because we are sheltering in place does not mean we can’t be hopeful and excited about the future. Even though there is a lot of uncertainty regarding how long this will all last, it won’t last forever. 
Creating a vision board is a great way to visualize the future you want to see. Whether it’s creating a visual for your career, favorite activities, future travels, or college dorm room, research shows that in creating a vision board you are more likely to see these hopes come to fruition. While it’s a good idea to create one in your room where you can see it every day, you can also do fun things online like creating one on Pinterest. Happy visualizing!


       How to Manage Stress Eating During COVID-19
It’s no secret that when we are stressed out, one potential reaction is to reach for a satisfying treat. Higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) have been linked to cravings for foods that are higher in fat, sugar, or both. 
Pay attention to what your body is craving and develop these healthy habits to curb those cravings and treat your body right. 


Flower Meanings
Spring has sprung, and with that comes a new beginning and lots of beautiful flowers to view. Did you know that flowers are known to have different meanings associated with them? 
Take a look at the list and the next time you are out for a responsible walk, notice what flowers speak to you. What would your bouquet look like at that moment? For that day? Week? Month? You can even incorporate this into your daily mindfulness practice and select a flower that represents you every day. 🌷🌹🌸🌻🌺