Get Cooking!!

As we begin week four of home isolation and social distancing, I am feeling the urge to nurture and care for the people I love through food. I don’t think I’m alone in this; I’m noticing a bunch of recipes being shared by text, online ad-hoc cooking clubs springing up, and my Instagram feed is full of pictures of similar ideas, like this new sourdough starter or kombucha scoby

Even with grocery store shelves half empty, the motivation to create, nurture, and share is alive and well. Baking is a tremendous stress reliever. In these uncertain times, following a recipe and baking or cooking something with a predictable (and satiating) outcome provides a bit of normalcy, helps us feel productive, and is a great source of entertainment. Cooking also forces you to be in the moment. 

Soup is a staple in my fridge and in my life. Every week I make a new batch of chicken bone broth in my slow cooker, and sharing the broth with friends helps me feel connected to my community. Plus I’m doing my little part to help in keeping my friends healthy. Check out the benefits of bone broth, and maybe make a batch of your own (feel free to message me with any questions on this process).

Stay safe and healthy,

Suzanne & Christina


Take A Virtual College Campus Tour
Many of you are in the midst of making a very big decision – where to attend college next year. Some of you are only beginning to consider the college process in the next year or so. 
This link offers a nice way to get a (virtual) look at any college campus, all from the comfort of your own home. It’s certainly not the same as experiencing it firsthand, but it’s the best we’ve got for now!


It’s Time To Make Your Own Face Mask
Contrary to what we were told previously, we should all be wearing face masks. Problem is, we have a terrible shortage of masks, and the people on the front lines who need them the most are running out. 
Help solve the problem by making your own mask, and check out this article on other ways you can help with this critical shortage. This is also a great family activity. If you do make one (or several) please be sure to share a picture so we can show everyone!


Make Soup!
After I’ve made my bone broth, I use it to make my absolute favorite soup, Roasted Cauliflower. I’ve been making it for so long that I’ve made all sorts of additions and subtractions, but it’s basically foolproof. I make mine without the dairy, but I love to buy a slab of herb bread and make homemade croutons to top it off. Bon appetit!