Color Exploration: Painting 1B

Students in Painting 1B are exploring COLOR!

Looking at artists like Arturo Herrera, Clyfford Still, Ellsworth Kelly, and Mary Heilmann, the young artists are recognizing color can be charged and complex.

Presently they are making “Playscapes”, generating hand-colored papers and exploring all the different ways color can be applied to a surface.  Each student is responsible for making 4 of these investigations, which will lead to a second part of the project. As they are working, students are asking themselves many questions in the studio:

How do colors evoke emotions?

What makes a colorful composition discordant?

What color combinations are harmonious to my eye?

What tools are essential to my practice to build up color and texture?

There is something incredibly satisfying about creating a “stash” of colored papers that piles up and becomes resource material!

Below you can see some videos of students color explorations.