Bay Students Take Action

Bay is a community where students take action. Whether that action is volunteering to give back to their community or standing up against social issues they feel are unjust, Bay students go above and beyond to do what they think is right.  And as a school, Bay supports its students and takes pride when they seek to make a positive change in this world. Below are a few examples of how some Bay students are getting involved.

DSC_0927Micah ‘17 decided to take action for immigrant and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) college students who live in fear of deportation. Inspired by the outcome of the recent presidential election and a conversation with his mother, a professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, Micah decided to write and submit a proposal to rental housing tech company, Airbnb, to open its platform to these immigrant students for temporary housing during emergency situations. He wrote this proposal because he wants to see these students feel protected and safe as they earn their college education. Micah was able to connect with an executive of the company and get his proposal into their hands. He knew that even if the proposal just sat on the shelf, he needed his voice to be heard. It turns out that Micah was really onto something, as in January, Airbnb announced a new campaign called #weaccept which provides temporary housing for refugees or those that have been displaced.

Two Bay juniors are combining their passion for soccer with their desire to help other18001452_1486255379.0051 communities around the world. Olivia ‘18 and Claire ‘18 are traveling to Guatemala this month to coach soccer to young girls in the town of Nuevo Progreso. This ten-day clinic was designed by a former Bay Area high school student to teach girls the beautiful game of soccer while also giving them resources and confidence to go out and be active. This program began two years ago and this year, our Bay students will host the second clinic and are already expecting a bigger turnout than in previous years.  Olivia and Claire have been collecting donations of soccer equipment and uniforms from the Bay community to give the young students the resources needed to play the game on an ongoing basis.

While many individual students engage in activism and service, Bay also has a student-led club dedicated to ongoing community service.  Two leaders of Bay’s Community Service in Action (CSA) club, Maya ‘17 and Natalia ’17, shared a bit about their passion for service.  Natalia says, “We are really lucky here at Bay and when you give back to the community and the world, it makes you feel good…It feels really good to help other people.” As the club’s leader, Maya’s goal for the club is to make community service sustainable and not just a one-time thing. She says, “I am hoping to inspire the younger generation not to just volunteer for the sake of volunteering, but to do something consistently. We want to inspire the younger students and create an environment where people want to help their communities.” In CSA, everyone gets a voice and a choice of where and how they want to volunteer. It could be hosting a fundraiser, helping prepare and serve meals at homeless shelters or socializing dogs at animal rescue centers, helping them to get adopted. No matter how a Bay student chooses to give back, we love to see them make their mark for the betterment of their community.

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