Digital Imaging Portrait Project

Partnering with local community programs can be an important and meaningful way to teach students how to work with and respect others; especially when those “others” are tiny toddlers with special needs. Last month, students in Karen Hellyer’s Digital Imaging 1B class learned about portrait photography, as well as the value of giving an image as a service. Bay students took portraits of young children with special needs who are part of The Infant & Family Support Program, at a community playground in Oakland, CA.

Bay students took intimate shots of these children as they learned the intricate techniques of taking a portrait. The respect shown by Bay students toward these diverse toddlers and their families was impressive. One of the teachers in the Infant & Family Support Program commented, “The final resulting photos are amazing and will be cherished by the families, but the individual attention and fun shared with each child and family by the Bay students, will also be remembered.”

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The Infant & Family Support Program is a public program for infants & toddlers with disabilities and their families. It is part of the Alameda County Office of Education. The families are of diverse backgrounds and many have limited resources, making a wonderful portrait much appreciated. For more information link to