Touring Europe in a Rock Band

Now that summer is here, many of our staffulty members take a break from teaching to explore their other passions for a couple of months. Often times it’s these other passions and experiences that make our staffulty so talented and excited about what they teach!

Colin Williams, a humanities teacher and Bay’s music teacher, is off to Europe to tour the continent in a rock band. Awesome, right?! Here’s what he says:

“I’m touring Europe with a rock band this summer. We’re going to play Purple Haze and Proud Mary on a cello backed by guitar, drums, and yours truly on bass. If you’re in Germany, Italy or Spain this summer, check us out at We’ll follow up the tour with concerts in Ventura, California, and Brookings, Oregon.”

You heard the man! If you are abroad this summer, check out their tour dates and take some time to jam to some seriously good music.