Leadership at Bay: Student Interview Committee

At Bay, we ask students to use their voices to make positive changes within their communities. Many of our academic courses—such as Research in the Community, Climate Change, Artist as Activist to name a few—and projects within classes explicitly ask students to use what they have learned to develop awareness, change behaviors, or even change laws. Bay’s student leadership groups are also similarly focused: they desire to make a difference in the lives of the Bay community.  One such leadership group, now in its fourth year, is the Student Interview Committee (SIC).SIC Quote_Katie


Like many things at Bay, the Student Interview Committee grew out of a need and a passion. Dean of Faculty Lise Shelton wanted to make sure that students were involved in the interview process for the hiring of new teachers. At the time, students had been randomly selected to interview teaching candidates. Lise wanted a consistent group of students on whom she could count and who had the training to become effective interviewers. She began working with several student volunteers, among whom was Luke Gruenert ’13. Luke really felt he found his voice in leadership through interviewing and suggested that Bay formalize the process and training to create a new student leadership group, now known as the SIC.


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Senior SIC Members                      Returning SIC Members                         New SIC Members 


SIC Quote_WillWe are excited to welcome our newest group of selected SIC members to the team! Each February interested students submit an application and interview with Lise and current SIC members. SIC applicants must also receive a vote of confidence from the staffulty as they are entrusted to serve not only as interviewers but also as representatives of Bay. Newly selected SIC member Will D. ’18 explained why he chose to apply for the SIC: “I am ready to represent the voice of the community at Bay and become a leader in the community. I have interacted with enough people in my time here that I think I can represent a broad set of perspectives and bring that to the decisions around prospective candidates. SIC is unique to Bay and not many others schools trust their students enough to take on this big of a responsibility… it’s an opportunity that should be taken advantage of.”

After a training that consists of how to read a resume, how to develop effective interview questions, and conduct an interview with an adult, SIC members in teams of 3-4 interview all prospective teaching and administrative candidates. Over the years, we have heard candidates say how much they learned about Bay’s culture and the importance of student voice through their interview with the SIC; many have also said that the SIC members were the toughest interviewers they had at Bay!

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Students who have served on the SIC have brought not only a love of Bay but a desire to make a positive impact on future generations of Bay students. They have also found the experience valuable as they go into the world of college and job interviews. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated group of students representing Bay.

Here’s what a few of the current SIC members have to say about their experience:

Senior Alex E., co-coordinator of the SIC: “I joined the SIC because I wanted to have a leadership role that would have a lasting impact well beyond my time here since Bay has had such a big impact on my life. It’s been so much fun! I have learned how to speak better in public, how to speak to adults better, how to act more mature, how to handle myself in awkward situations and how to be more articulate. Also, having the ability to sit back and interview someone is much less stressful than being interviewed, so I have been able to take what I’ve learned and apply it to when I am being interviewed. I know what to say and how to present myself in a way that will get their attention.”

Senior, Yasmin E., co-coordinator of the SIC: “What I have really enjoyed about being on the SIC is that I get to have a say in what goes on in the Bay community, but [in the background]. We interview teachers and get to have a perspective on what could and could not work, and it gives us great interviewing experience.”

Junior, Katie P.: “One of my favorite things about SIC is when I have actually had a teacher that I have interviewed, and they are great! It’s a really good feeling to know I have had an impact on this decision that was made and it’s really benefiting me and other students. We bring the student voice to really important decisions and it’s fun getting to know the different teachers.”