Advanced Art Class: Art Opening

A cigarette hangs loosely between her index and middle fingers. Ash falling and smoke rising.

A self-portrait of a sick child trying to drink medicine by the light a headlamp. Medicine spilling onto the bed sheets.

Two skulls discussing the treacherousness of life.

These are just a few of the magical pieces of art hanging on the walls at the Advanced Drawing and Painting class’s art exhibit. As instructor Ted Andersen cleared out the last of the setup supplies, he talked about the importance of the art that had just gone up on the walls. “This college level art class uses the first half of the trimester to learn technique, and the second half to have the students generate their own body of work based on their own interests and desires. For most students who are so used to [prescribed] assignments, it was a challenge to create their own collection with no parameters or guidelines. This prepares them for college and for the real world of studio art.” This project is the culmination of the student’s art education at Bay, where they apply all that they have learned into a collection of their own.Calling

Calling attention to the diverse themes that highlight the individual artistic expression, Ted discusses how the students came up with the inspiration behind their pieces. “Ross was interested in surfing, Izzy wanted to talk about the pressures of school, Angela loved the idea of exploring with water colors and what it can do. Some wanted to talk about expression and how paint works, others wanted to talk about age and what it would be like to be old versus young. Some had no idea what to do and would just let the work go, then we would discuss it and they would follow the artwork.” Ted treated them not like students but like career artists through this project, and once they found their theme he pushed them very hard to find the work. The result is a beautiful exhibit of creativity and talent that hangs on the walls for students, staffulty and visitors to enjoy.

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