Public Radio Broadcasting with Senior Jae Scott

Many of Bay’s students participate in extracurricular activities that extend past the walls of the school into the community. Jae Scott, a senior at Bay, is one of those students. Jae interned at the iconic Bay Area public radio station KPOO over the summer, where she learned to write and produce public service announcements from some of the station’s veteran DJs. KPOO originated as the headquarters for the Black Panther movement and was the first station ever to air hip-hop music. Jae’s grandmother has been involved with the station all of her life, and Jae jumped at the opportunity to get involved when she learned about their youth internship program.

jae_scottJae hosted her first show, which aired in July, where she conducted an on-air phone interview Dr. Crystalee Crain, Ph.D on the various ways youths can make a difference in their community through art and radio. They discussed community dynamics and Dr. Crain emphasized that just by smiling at someone on the bus or helping an elderly person with her bags, one can make a profound difference on the people around them. Jae’s interview aired both nationally and internationally, allowing her to use this powerful platform to spread the message of community activism to the world.

Since her summer PSA aired, Jae has returned to the station interning on weekly segments. Through Morning Meeting announcements, Jae encourages interested Bay students to get involved with the station and their youth programs. A natural activist, Jae was a founding member of the Affinity Club movement at Bay starting the Black Student Union her sophomore year.

The passion displayed by the volunteers at the non-profit station has fueled Jae’s desire to pursue a career in public radio broadcasting so she can continue to send positive messages and evoke change within the community. Jae hopes to one day become a DJ at KPOO so she can carry on their important work.