Captain Sarah on Varsity Volleyball vs. Marin Academy 8.29.12

Yesterday’s game, although a loss, was very valuable to the development and learning of the team.

We are now continuing to work on strengthening our offense and defense as a whole team in order to perform at our best in upcoming games. In the following practices we are specifically planning on developing stronger blocks against front row hitters, improving the team’s serving technique, strengthening our communication on the court, and last but not least, improving our back row defense.

One highlight from the game that stood out for me was a front row attack by sophomore Kait. During the second game we were down by only a few points, and Kait slammed the ball into our opponents’ court, getting a beautiful kill that lifted the whole team’s energy and focus.

It was a good first game, but with the motivation, determination and spirit that our team possesses, we are ready to push ourselves and our skills to be able to start this season off with some good wins!

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