Artistic Representation Intersession


“Process is more important than outcome. When the outcome drives the process we will only ever go to where we have been. If process drives outcome, we may not know where we are going, but we will know we want to be there.” – Bruce Mau

The 13 artists in the Artistic Representation Intersession took over the studio space beautifully and with incredible independence. Every student began the week equipped with a Moleskine sketchbook and an idea/theme/focus that would be threaded through the week’s explorations. The sketchbooks became a vital resource for play, experimentation, brainstorms, and collage pieces.

We then looked at :

One of the most important necessities of being an artist is TIME. The students in this Intersession valued the freedom and the time to make their own work.

Each student designated a work space that was occupied for the whole week. It was fascinating to see how these spaces changed and expanded and shifted.

By the end of the week, every student had a strong investigation of their different themes and subjects. The themes ranged from jellyfish, to trees, to book making. Below are some examples of the work that was created.

Reika's diptych of San Francisco and Phnom Pehn, Cambodia (collage, drawing, and printing)
Tamara's landscape using acrylic on paper
Alena's explorations of jellyfish using wire and watercolor
Tommy's reduction print using turquoise, silver, and white inks
Different drawn, printed, and painted character forms from James' sketchbook
Ian's linoleum cut representation of trees in many seasons
Franky's work on paper....layers of materials...layers of meaning...
Kyoko's accordion book depicting globes
Kealey's investigation of succulents using drawing, prinitng and stitched elements


At the end of the week, everyone arranged their work in the studio space and we did a reflection. Students looked at their own work and wrote about their own experiences, and then students wrote about another artist’s work.

Beautiful work!

One Reply to “Artistic Representation Intersession”

  1. What a fulfilling experience for all participants ~ the work dazzles me, whether it is Rieka’s two cities, or Tamara’s gorgeous landscape, or the globe acordian book, or Alena’s extraordinary jelly fish or Tommy’s reduction print ~ the images dazzle, and so does the variety of media used.
    Bravo, Ascha!

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