Inside the painting studio


“The experience of making art is a play between control over the materials, and an open and permissive attitude toward technique, allowing the process to mold the image as it will.“

                                                                        – Jay deFeo

The last term of the school year has started out strong in the painting studio. Students are thinking about “grey” and looking at artists who use tonal variations of grey in their palette, such as Jay deFeo ( a Bay area artist who created the famous work titled The Rose, as seen in the image presented above ).

Terry Winters:


Jasper Johns:

Creating a composition with a wide range of grey tones presents technical challenges, and the students took on the challenge with great determination starting with Sumi ink:

They then moved to acrylic paint, developing grey scales to recognize the variety of greys that an artist can achieve:

A dramatic still-life is now the subject of investigation. The students are looking at white forms that are lit, such as bones, white mugs, styrofoam orbs, onions, and fabric folds.

Through looking, sketching with drawing tools, and envisioning how forms and light can balance on paper, students began generating their paintings.

Some compositions are filled with elements extending off the page:

Other compositions hone in on on the visual impact of one element:

Some compositions balance a dynamic between grounded form and sweeping shadows:

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